The Journey Kasmiri Bats from Kashmir to Shark Tank India 3: Saad Tramboo and Hamaad Tramboo

In the recent episode of Shark Tank India 3,  two young entrepreneurs from the valley of Kashmir took the spotlight: Saad and Hamaad Tramboo. The fact that attracted everyone is their young age and entrepreneurial mind. Their age is between 18 and 20, and these college-going brothers showcased their brand of Kashmir willow bats. It captured the attention and admiration of both the Sharks and the audience alike.

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Family and Education 

Saad and Hamaad were born and raised in Srinagar of Kasmir, the brothers hail from a business background. Their grandfather, Nazir Ahmad Tramboo is a known poultry Czar of Kashmir. They grew up in an environment steeped in entrepreneurship, Saad and Hamaad imbibed valuable lessons about business from an early age. Their parents are professional doctors and businessmen. 

As both entrepreneurs are young, so they are still studying. Saad is 2nd year student of Bachelor's in Business Administration (BBA), pursuing it from Banglore. Hamad is also doing a Bachelor's in Business Administration (BBA) from Kashmir and he plays cricket.

It was their passion for cricket and their entrepreneurial spirit that propelled them to venture into the world of sports equipment manufacturing. 

About the brand

The brand was established in 2021 when the founders were between the age of 16 and 18. Since its establishment, the brand has successfully sold over 20,000 bats. According to the founders, the brand is the largest manufacturer of Kashmir willow bats. Their bats are made within a week of the Seasoning process, they have Steam Seasoning plants.

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The brand has 60-70% of sales are from non-professional cricketers.

They have 2 varieties in their bats Season Bats and Tennis Bats. They are selling 1000 Bats per month, and 70 % of the sales come through Instagram. The Sep 2023 revenue was 18 lakhs. The profit margin is also good. 25% on Tennis Bats and 35%-45% on Season Bats. The net profit is around 5-6 lakhs after removing all the expenses. Their projected sales for FY23-24 is 6 to 7 crores.

Their vision is to see Kashmiri willow become the willow of choice for every cricketer. The company has also started shipping in other countries. They're well on their way to hitting that boundary. 


In Shark Tank India 

Recently, The Tramboo brothers Saad and Hamaad appeared in Shark Tank India 3 with dedication, and perseverance to do something big. They were armed with a compelling business proposition and an unwavering belief in their product. They asked for 30 lakhs for 3% equity.

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Their pitch highlighted the India Kashmiri willow bat and selling of Tramboo Sports. Its faster growth and more affordable rates persuaded the Sharks to invest in it. 

All the Sharks offered them lucrative deals, and eventually, the deal was struck with Aman Gupta and Peyush Bansal. They offered them Rs 30 lakhs for a four per cent equity stake.

Beyond the business aspect, Saad and Hamaad's journey is a story of resilience, determination, and familial support. Their successful growing profitable business is proof of it.  Saad and Hamaad have shown that if a person has interest and dedication, he/she can achieve it despite having age as a barrier.

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