India's Exports Surpass Previous Records Despite Global Challenges


India’s overall exports reached a record high of $776.68 billion in the financial year ending March 31, 2024, marking a marginal increase from the previous year's figure of $776.40 billion. Despite facing persistent global challenges, this growth was driven by robust services exports, which compensated for a slight contraction in merchandise exports.

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Despite persistent global challenges

Trade Deficit Improvement

The country's overall trade deficit showed a significant improvement of 35.77%, decreasing from $121.62 billion in FY23 to $78.12 billion in FY24. This improvement underscores a positive trend in India's trade dynamics.

Merchandise vs. Services Exports

While merchandise exports experienced a decline to $437.06 billion in FY24, services exports saw a commendable growth of 4.4%, reaching a record high of $339.62 billion. This shift highlights the resilience of the services sector in contributing to India's export performance.

Government Strategies

Commerce Secretary Sunil Barthwal attributed this positive growth to the government's proactive approach in exploring new markets and diversifying the export basket. He emphasized the importance of adapting to new challenges while maintaining momentum.

Market Dynamics

Barthwal acknowledged the influence of global demand on exports, noting the impact of geopolitical tensions such as conflicts in Ukraine and Gaza. Despite these challenges, India's exporters demonstrated adaptability and resilience.

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Recent Performance

In March, merchandise exports experienced a slight decline, while imports saw a significant drop. However, the overall performance in FY24 reflected a contraction in both merchandise and services imports, contributing to the improvement in the trade deficit.

Economic Outlook

Chief Economist at ICRA Ltd, Aditi Nayar, expressed optimism regarding the easing of the merchandise trade deficit in March 2024. This trend is expected to positively impact India's current account in the fourth quarter of FY2024, reflecting favorable economic dynamics.

In conclusion, India's export performance in FY24, despite global challenges, reflects resilience, adaptability, and strategic initiatives both from the government and the exporting community. As the country navigates through evolving market conditions, the emphasis remains on sustaining growth momentum and addressing emerging challenges.

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