From Small Village to the Cannes Film Festival – Nancy Tyagi’s Cinderella Story

The 2024 Cannes Film Festival has even gone viral in rural India, but it's the incredible story behind the viral sensation that's truly captivating hearts. Social media influencer Nancy Tyagi has gained immense limelight following her stunning appearance at Cannes in India and worldwide.

Was it her breathtaking dress or her vibrant social media presence? Although both played a role, the real reason behind her viral fame is the inspiring story of Nancy Tyagi's relentless struggle and journey, how she navigated barefoot her dreams from the burning path with unwavering determination. Let's get to know her journey from hurdles to achievement

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Nancy Tyagi’s Early Life and Education

Nancy Tyagi's journey began in the unassuming Baranwa village in Uttar Pradesh, India. She was born and brought up in a lower-middle-class family, her life was initially far removed from the glamour of the international fashion scene. 

Nancy was a bright and imaginative child, often lost in the world of her dreams. Inspired by the allure of cinema and fashion, she used to stitch designer clothes for her dolls. She lived with her mama mamaji as her parents didn't have enough income.

Her family, especially her mother and brother, were her unwavering pillars of support from the beginning. Despite societal pressures and financial hardships, Nancy’s mother encouraged her to dream big, Her brother always supported her. 

Her father's refusal to support her studies only strengthened her resolve. Nancy's mother came to Delhi with her children and worked tirelessly in a factory to make ends meet, often coming home covered in coal dust, but always with a smile and words of encouragement for her daughter.


The Struggles of Nancy Tyagi

Nancy was always determined to break the shackles of poverty as she had seen her mother struggling. She says she never wanted to earn so much, wanted enough money so she can say her mother not to do work. There were times when Nancy and her family didn't have enough money to eat or continue their studies. 

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The crushing weight of these struggles led Nancy to even think of suicide, it was the time when she was feeling that buying poison seemed like a merciful escape from their unrelenting hardships. 

The family came to Delhi where Nancy aimed to pursue further studies and UPSC coaching. But, lockdown came and the coachings were shut down.  They faced challenges and financial instability soon brought her to the brink of despair. This time made Nancy think that UPSC was not her dream, she bought a camera, lights, and a phone. These were not just gadgets but tools that helped her carve out a path in the digital world. 

Everyone criticised her for doing this. She started creating content for social media, focusing on her passion for fashion.  She made transition videos and product review videos.  Her initial videos were met with harsh criticism, body-shaming, and trolling. The negativity was overwhelming, and she almost gave up. But Nancy’s inner strength and her brother’s and mother's unwavering support pushed her to persevere and to look forward.

She says her mother used to work in a factory for hours to earn just 7000 a month, She was always scared of the factory as many workers had lost their hands and fingers while working. However, due to a shortage of money, her mother was bound to work in such a dangerous condition.

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Her mother belongs to the Deb Band village of  Saharanpur. When she got married and came to her in-laws. She never found peace and love after marrying. nancy says her mother burnt her dreams and desires to fulfil her children's dreams. She says Her mother was the only dream they (She and her brother) had. They just wanted to help her, and this dream made them earn this fame.

The Breakthrough: Influencer Journey

Nancy's breakthrough came with her innovative "Outfits from Scratch" series on Instagram, where she showed her process of designing and stitching outfits from raw materials. This series not only showcased her incredible talent but also her resilience and creativity. 

Her authenticity and skill quickly gained traction and a significant following. Nancy's ability to make designer celebrity outfits and modern fashion sensibilities resonates deeply with her audience. She gets so much recognition and now people praise her talent.

Nancy Tyagi at the Cannes Film Festival

Nancy’s big break came recently when she was invited to join the India Squad of Creators at the Cannes Film Festival. She walked on the red carpet in her self-designed outfits, Nancy has made history as the first content creator to do so. 

Her confidence and pride in her roots were evident as she gave interviews in Hindi, she proved that language barriers do not impede success. Her presence at the Cannes Festival was powerful. She has proved that a young woman from a small village could make it on the world stage through sheer talent and determination.

Nancy Tyagi’s Cinderella Story.png

She had made four dresses for the Cannes, Her dedication to her craft was evident in the intricate details and the hard work she put into each outfit. The Pink Gown, One of her standout creations was a 20kg powder pink gown made from 1,000 meters of fabric, which took an entire month to complete. Each piece she created was not just a garment but a testament to her journey and her dreams. 

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Today, Nancy Tyagi is an internet sensation and a beacon of hope for many aspiring creators. With over 2.1 million followers on Instagram, she has become a prominent figure in the fashion and social media sphere. Her story has been recognised with numerous awards, including "Disruptor of the Year" and "Favourite Fashion Heritage Icon of the Year" at the National Creators Awards 2024.

Nancy Tyagi's rise to fame is a modern-day fairytale, demonstrating the power of hard work and relentless determination. Her journey illustrates that no dream is too big and no obstacle is insurmountable. Nancy remains grounded, ever mindful of her roots and the struggles that shaped her.

Nancy Tyagi, the Cannes star of India, is a living embodiment of the strength of the human spirit and the beauty of never giving up. Her journey continues to inspire millions, reminding us that the road to success, though fraught with challenges, is ultimately rewarding.

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Written By Manvi