BLS International Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Client

Question 1: What are the products and services of BLS International Services Ltd?

BLS International Services Ltd. specializes in a variety of services aimed at streamlining visa, passport, and consular processes for various governments around the world. 

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1. Visa Processing Services: They manage the administrative tasks for visa applications at diplomatic missions.

2. Citizen and Front End Services: This includes providing interfaces between governments and citizens for public services.

3. Consular Services: BLS assists with various consular duties at embassies and high commissions.

4. E-Visas: They facilitate the electronic processing of visa applications.

5. Biometrics and Identity Management Services: This service focuses on collecting and verifying biometric data.

6. Verification & Attestation Services: Offers document verification and attestation services to ensure the authenticity of documents and certificates.

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7. Value Added Services: Provides additional services such as form filling, photo booth services, and appointment scheduling to enhance customer experience.

Question 2: Who are the promoters of BLS International Ltd?

The promoters of BLS International Services Ltd. include Diwakar Aggarwal, who holds a 5.76% stake, Azadpur Finvest Private Limited with 4.92%, Gaurav Aggarwal at 4.86%, Goodwork Finvest Private Limited also at 4.86%, and GRB Finvest Private Limited, which also holds a 4.86% stake.

The Chairman of BLS International Services Ltd. is Diwakar Aggarwal.

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