Black Box Limited Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Client

Question 1: What are the products and services of Black Box Ltd?

Black Box Ltd. is a top company that provides IT solutions to businesses in sectors such as government, healthcare, finance, education, and manufacturing. With its wide range of products and services, the company focuses on improving connectivity, security, and productivity.

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1. Audio Video Solutions:

MediaCento AVoIP 1G HD/4K: High-quality video over IP networks, ideal for digital signage and media distribution.

iCompel® Digital Signage: Comprehensive digital signage solutions that enhance customer engagement and communication.

ControlBridge® Control System: Centralized control for managing AV and IT systems seamlessly.

Boxilla® KVM Manager: Advanced management for KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) systems, ensuring efficient control and monitoring.

DCX Digital KVM Switches: High-performance KVM switches for secure and reliable connectivity.

2. Networking:

Ethernet Cables: Robust networking cables for reliable data transmission.

Fiber Cables: High-speed fiber optic cables for data-intensive applications.

KVM Switching & Extension: Solutions for seamless keyboard, video, and mouse switching and extension.

3. IoT Solutions:

AlertWerks IoT Solutions: Comprehensive monitoring and alert systems to enhance operational efficiency.

Temperature Screening Kiosks: Automated temperature screening solutions to ensure workplace safety.

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4- Professional Services:

Custom Application Development: Tailored software solutions to meet specific business needs.

Field & Dispatch Services: On-site technical support and service dispatch for quick issue resolution.

Project & Deployment: Full-service project management and deployment services to ensure successful implementations.

Consulting & Design: Expert consulting for IT and infrastructure design, enhancing overall efficiency and performance.

5- Managed Services

Staff Augmentation: Skilled professionals to supplement client teams, ensuring project success.

Support Services: Comprehensive support including 24/7 service desk, incident management, and proactive monitoring.

Service Desk: Dedicated support desk for handling IT issues and requests efficiently.

6- Connectivity Infrastructure

Fiber Connectivity: Solutions for robust and high-speed fiber optic networks.

IoT, Physical Security & Surveillance: Integrated IoT devices with advanced security and surveillance systems.

Hyperscale Data Center: Scalable data center solutions designed for large-scale operations.

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7- Modern Workplace

UC & Collaboration: Unified communications and collaboration tools to enhance workplace productivity.

Desktop Productivity: Solutions to improve desktop computing environments.

Contact Center & CX Solutions: Technologies to enhance customer experience and streamline contact center operations.

Audio-Visual Integration: Comprehensive AV integration for modern and collaborative workspaces.

8- Enterprise Networking

Local Area Networks (LAN): Design and implementation of efficient and secure LAN systems.

Wide Area Networks (WAN): Solutions for robust and scalable wide-area connectivity.

Cloud Networks: Networking solutions optimized for cloud environments.

Wireless & Private LTE Networks: Advanced wireless network solutions tailored for enterprise needs.

9- Cybersecurity

Identity & Access Management: Secure access control solutions to protect sensitive information.

Managed XDR (Extended Detection and Response): Comprehensive security monitoring and threat response services.

Infrastructure & Data Security: Solutions to safeguard IT infrastructure and critical data.

Advisory & GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance): Expert consulting on security governance, risk management, and compliance.

Question 2: Who are the promoters of Black Box Ltd?

The promoter of Black Box Ltd. is Essar Telecom Limited, which owns 71.09% of the total equity in the company. The Chairman of Black Box Ltd. is Sujay R. Sheth.

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